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Stephanie Harnett

The Return of Haji Kamal

In 2010, Cathy Moore—guru of "Action Mapping"—shared an eLearning interaction titled "Connect with Haji Kamal." 

Designed for military clientele, this gem swiftly gained cult-like status among learning professionals as an example of how to create goal-based scenarios the right way.
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The magic lay in its pedagogy:  it taught cultural sensitivity to soldiers by thrusting them into the hot seat of decision-making. The experience was punctuated by intricate branched logic and dynamic pathways that evolved based on choices made by the learner. Picture this—squad leaders popping up at crucial junctures, offering conflicting advice that injected palpable realism into the narrative. No easy outs, no obvious ‘right’ choices; only the textured complexities of real-world decision-making.
But here's the kicker: This high-impact interaction was crafted with simple production elements—just sketch-style graphics and audio narration. A testament to the fact that you don’t need the bells and whistles to make content impactful; if it's well-designed, it will resonate on its merits alone.

Fast-forward to today, and we know the Flash era has bowed out, taking this iconic interaction with it. Yet, the impact it had left an indelible imprint. That’s why, more than a decade later, I reached out to Cathy Moore for her permission to rejuvenate Haji Kamal using state-of-the-art tools like Storyline.

So, are you up for the challenge of guiding Lt. Harrill in laying the groundwork for a productive dialogue with Haji Kamal? Take 10-minutes and give it a try!

NOTE: Without access to the source media, this version is based on screen captures and recorded audio, but the result is almost identical. It's hosted on Articulate Review, so please leave your comments if you encounter issues or want to share your thoughts.
Haji Kamal also spawned a new line of inquiry for me: How can this multi-faceted branching logic be reimagined for the corporate world? I pondered its feasibility—what’s the time investment? Is it too gritty for legal to greenlight? Can it be streamlined and still captivate its audience?

In Part 2 of this post, I'll take you behind the scenes to reveal how I re-worked Haji Kamal for a corporate setting. Plus, you'll get a first-hand look at how you can deploy the refined Storyline template and methodology to create your own blockbuster scenario.

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