Cyclones of Bangladesh

This case module examines the forces that create cyclones, the trail of devastation they cause, political and cultural factors, and preparedness and response actions. Data embedded in exercises help create context and assist in developing your understanding while preparing for an immersive policy analysis simulation.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to know about this course and platform?

The course and platform will operate on a variety of devices. Desktop or laptops will offer the best experience. It is recommended to use current versions of Chrome or Safari for your browser. After opening the course, you will find 3 activities displayed on the course platform menu; Case Module, Case Exercise and Closing Remarks. Each activity must be completed sequentially. You can return to the activities at any time. For the Case Module, you will be prompted to resume where you left off upon re-launching it. After completing an activity, use the course platform menu to navigate to the next activity. Additional help is available from the Help menu within the Case Module.

Is my progress recorded?

Yes, the time you have spent working with course activities, your completion status and exercise inputs are stored securely in the course platform. This data is provided to HHI administration.

How much time does it take to complete this case module?

The case module typically takes 30 to 40 minutes to complete. Extra time will be needed to formulate exercise inputs. These inputs are designed to be brief and will be shared in class.

How do I properly sign out?

Instead of closing your browser window, you should choose BACK TO COURSE OVERVIEW from the top of the course platform menu and then select SIGN OUT.